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This substack is for me to indulge in rampant speculation, or rather synthesis. For you see, I am just about fed up with analysis, and agree with Adam Curtis that what we need is vision, not Pinkerian/Panglossian graphs going up.

Not that I am a luddite or Simpleton. I just think our leadership and experts are collectively engaging in a protracted exercise of missing the forest for the trees.

The philosopher Richard Rorty once said something to the effect that what is best for humanity is that America continues to become more like Scandinavia and the rest of the world continues to become more like America, and if you disagree with that, try telling a better story.

That better story will appear in this substack.

For now, it will include some more of this (yes, that was me).

Maybe it will be fun if you stick around.

About the name

I once read something to the effect that nihilism can perhaps be defined as “the absence of anything”. And so…